Only the best foreign workers at Amer Inernational

Comprehensive recruitment services for workers from Ukraine, Belarus and other Eastern European countries.

I. Recruitment of employees

We recruit employees with the appropriate qualifications in line with our client's expectations.

II. Legalisation of residence and work

We take care of all formalities related to employment, legal work and residence for foreign workers.

III. Coordination of employees

We support employers in the induction of foreign-language employees into the company.


We source specialists for positions that are in short supply in Poland.

Production workers

Production workers

Manual workers

Manual workers





Where to find good foreign workers?

Eastern workers have been an important link in the Polish economy for years. The labor emigration of working-age Poles to western Europe took a turn for the worse after Poland joined the EU, and the trend has continued ever since, generating labor shortages in many industries.

Amer International provides customization of sourced employees. We provide hiring assistance for various industries, positions and experience levels. In addition to the traditional form of recruitment, we offer alternative forms of employment, giving you the opportunity to optimize your staffing costs.

Temporary employees

Recruitment and selection according to the client's expectations

Lending of temporary employees

HR and payroll services for temporary employees

Dedicated caretaker of temporary employees


Recruitment and selection according to the client's expectations

Support in hiring a foreigner

Support in legalization of work and stay of a foreigner in the long term

Dedicated guardian of employees

We provide our clients with the necessary knowledge about the possibility of obtaining personnel in a specific area in the form of a comprehensive report on the labor market:

Availability of qualified personnel in the region

Analysis of the company's recruitment policies

Companies competing for an employee with a similar profile of activity

Recommendations of recruitment activities

In addition to personnel selection, we support companies during the introduction of foreigners to work:

Translation of job training/BHP

Translation of internal documents/instruction manuals, etc.

Support in administrative processes related to the employment of foreigners

We specialize in finding employees from abroad

Amer International offers comprehensive services to employers looking for employees from the East. We are an employment agency that has specialized in finding both blue-collar and white-collar workers from across the eastern border.

A great advantage of cooperation with our agency is the comprehensive service to the employer, especially in matters of required documents and permits. This is because in the case of workers from Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia or Moldova, not only work permits are required, but also residence cards.

W naszym portfolio mamy racowników pochodzących z takich krajów:















Importance of foreign workers for Polish employers

Workers from the East for many manufacturing companies are a vital pillar of their smooth operations - especially during the peak season, which is different for different industries. The advantages of hiring temporary workers from Ukraine or Georgia are many, but it is worth focusing on a few of the most important ones.

In order for an enterprise to operate efficiently and smoothly - meeting consumer demand to its full potential, it is necessary to completely cover the staffing shortage with personnel with relevant skills.

Employment agency for foreigners Amer International has extensive experience in profiling candidates and matching them properly to positions. Importantly, working with our agency, the employer does not receive an employee only for a season, but has the opportunity to establish long-term cooperation with him, while supporting the development of his competencies.

Production workers

The biggest labor shortages are still in the manufacturing sector. Despite the automation of many processes, the human factor still remains the most important one, and productivity depends on the right selection of production personnel, which translates into the financial health of the company.

Manpower workers - providing labor in various industries

The second important group of seasonal workers are manual workers mainly in the agricultural and construction segments. Foreign workers excel in these areas and for years companies have been very enthusiastic about recruiting them. At the same time, it is worth noting that for a blue-collar worker from eastern countries (who does not have any specialization or extensive competencies), working in Poland is still extremely attractive from the financial side.

Drivers - providing qualified drivers in the transportation market

The employment agency Amer International also conducts hiring from the East of the transport area. It should be noted that road transport is still an important part of the functioning of the economy in our country, and many Polish drivers leave for Germany or the Netherlands in search of better wages. This generates the need to attract drivers from Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova or Armenia for temporary work.

Specialists - attracting highly qualified employees

Staff shortages are also affecting positions requiring high qualifications and experience. Employers are finding it increasingly difficult to find a highly qualified specialist in IT, finance or logistics. Often the financial expectations of new employees from Poland significantly exceed company budgets, which is why employers are increasingly willing to lease employees from abroad.

Our employment agency helps recruit the right people with the right skills, experience or knowledge of processes, systems and foreign languages - whether for temporary work, seasonal work or permanent positions.

Recruitment of foreign workers by Amer International

Amer International's employment agency recruits both temporary and permanent employees.

From the very beginning, we are in close contact with the client to get to know their business profile, the specifics of the market in which they operate and to match the candidate with the position in the best possible way. Hiring employees from outside Poland is still a big challenge for companies, which is why it is so important to have professional support in the employee recruitment process.

Temporary employees

Foreign employees dedicated to temporary work are an easier group to recruit than skilled professionals or permanent employees. Temporary work most often refers to the recruitment of blue-collar workers, which is associated with significantly lower requirements for candidates. Recruitment of workers from the East is carried out on the basis of the employer's needs: age, gender, skills, experience.

Most often, we use a proven database of employees, so we can be sure that candidates will meet all requirements. When hiring workers from the East for seasonal work, our labor agency also comprehensively handles personnel and payroll services (medical examinations, residence and work permits, payroll calculation, insurance).

Our full support in this area relieves the employer from all activities related to the employment or settlement of the employee.

Recruitment of permanent employees from abroad

In the case of permanent employees, recruitment and selection takes longer, and the list of requirements for the candidate is supplemented with important details. The whole process is aimed at making a perfect match between the employee and the position and guaranteeing that the employee will stay with the company for the long term.

When hiring a foreigner on a permanent basis, our employment agency supports both parties from the very beginning. An employee from the East can count on assistance in matters related to obtaining a residence card, work permit or accommodation, while the employer is relieved not only of the recruitment process, but also of all formal requirements for the employee.

Analysis of the local labor market

By entering into cooperation with Amer International temporary work agency, the employer can count not only on a professional recruitment process, but also on an extensive and comprehensive report on the local labor market, which will indicate the direction of development of recruitment projects and provide valuable information on the process of acquiring employees in companies with a similar business profile.

The report will indicate the availability of qualified personnel, a complementary analysis of labor demand, the unemployment rate or information about untapped resources in the labor market in a specific occupational cross-section.

Additional services for employers

The main advantage of the temporary employment agency is undoubtedly the comprehensiveness of its services. We provide full support for both employees and employers. We systematically improve the quality of our services through access to additional services that allow us to improve and accelerate many processes in the organization.

  • Translation of job training/BHP

We offer translations into many languages of health and safety documents or position manuals. Thanks to our long-standing cooperation with experienced translation agencies, we will quickly and efficiently prepare bilingual versions of the required documents for any industry.

  • Translation of internal documents/instruction manuals, etc.

We also translate internal company documents with which all Eastern employees should be familiar (code of ethics, internal company rules and regulations, company mission and vision, equipment instructions or product characteristics).

  • Support in administrative processes related to the employment of foreigners

Our clients can count on full support from our temporary employment agency in all formalities related to the employment of a foreigner. Due to our extensive experience in this area, we are well versed in the laws and regulations that operate in our eastern neighbors.

By relieving the employer, in these activities, we also give him full security that the entire process, which is the employment of employees, is in accordance with the law.

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