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Employment agency for foreigners - Amer International

As a recruitment agency for foreigners, we specialize in finding and hiring skilled workers from various eastern countries, such as Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Uzbekistan, India, Bangladesh, Armenia, Azerbaijan and many others.
Thanks to this, we are able to recruit suitable candidates for almost any industry. We recruit both blue-collar workers and specialists (welders, locksmiths, millwrights, forklift operators).

Hiring foreigners has been a common practice in Poland for some time. Meeting staffing needs in various market segments by recruiting exclusively Polish workers is proving insufficient, and there is no shortage of qualified specialists and professionals among foreigners willing to take up legal employment.

We are an experienced agency for the employment of foreigners, which for many years has been successfully connecting foreign workers with suitable employers, always acting in the interests of both parties. We support companies in replenishing their staff in the most diverse areas of the economy, and we provide foreigners with the opportunity for extensive professional development and future prospects.

Jobs for foreigners: A solution to the staffing shortage

Manpower shortages in some industries are still very acute. Industry and construction have the largest staff shortages, although the IT or medical-care industries also face staffing shortages. Our employment agency helps to solve such problems on an ongoing basis by hiring specialists from abroad, including representatives of deficit occupations for which the labor market is increasingly clamoring every year (we are talking about such professions as locksmith, tailor or carpenter). Work for citizens of other countries is often the only way for many companies to cover staff shortages and keep production and sales flowing.

Challenges in the Polish labor market and the role of Amer International

The Polish economy is growing rapidly and supporting non-Polish workers is becoming a necessity for many companies. The difficult recruitment process and the complicated paperwork associated with it is worth outsourcing to an experienced agency like Amer International.

Recruitment of foreign workers

Our agency approaches each assignment in a comprehensive manner. We take off from the shoulders of both the principal and the potential employee the entire burden of obtaining legal residence in Poland and obtaining work permits. What's more, we have extensive experience in matching candidates to the required positions, thus maximizing shortening the period of searching for an employee, apprenticeship or necessary training.

Workers from Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and other countries

Job agency in Poland Amer International supports companies by providing personnel mainly from nearby countries from across our eastern border: Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova or Belarus. Employing foreigners is still profitable, and for economic migrants from the above countries, the Polish labor market remains attractive and offering many opportunities. We provide workers for various sectors of the economy: agriculture, industry and services. Over the past few years, we have hired thousands of people who have contributed to the development of construction or health care.

Employment of foreigners in Poland: Process, requirements and regulations

Legal regulations related to the employment of a foreigner are quite complex and are not uniform for all countries. Currently, the procedure for hiring an employee from Ukraine is different, and quite different for a citizen of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh or Georgia. The common denominator for all the aforementioned nationalities is legal residence in Poland and a legal permit to work in our country. It is also worth noting that the growing demand for workers from abroad is forcing the need to simplify and automate this process, which is currently the subject of intense discussion and analysis.

Amer International: Hiring blue-collar workers and professionals

Our recruitment agency specializes in finding both manual workers and specialists in a particular field. We are not limited to a narrow area of competence and qualification, but provide personnel for various branches of the economy, and thanks to us, thousands of people from abroad have already found work in Poland.

Employment of blue-collar workers: Support for industries

For many years, the greatest demand has been for blue-collar workers in manufacturing, warehouse, construction or transportation. Recruitment in this sector is easier, as there are significantly more job candidates, and the requirement for their qualifications is not so excessive. The employer in this area has no reason to worry.

Recruitment of specialists: welders, locksmiths, millers, forklift operators and others

Slightly different is the process of recruiting specialists. We are talking about certain professions, the performance of which requires experience, relevant education and a package of completed courses and training. The recruitment process for foreigners is in this case several stages, so as to match the candidate's profile to the position as closely as possible.

Individualized approach to recruitment: Matching candidates to clients' needs

Job agency in Poland Amer International takes an individual approach to each order, as the clients and their business profile differ. Therefore, before we start the staffing process we take the utmost care to identify the client's needs, the specifics and scale of their business. We do not begin the process of recruiting foreigners without a thorough analysis of our client's needs.

Collaboration process with Amer International

Collaboration with our agency consists of several extremely important and consecutive stages. This applies to every assignment regardless of industry, company size or business profile. The overriding goal of Amer International agency is complete customer service at the highest level, so any employer facing a staffing shortage can count on the full support of our specialists.

Consultation and analysis of staffing needs: Matching the offer to the requirements

Hiring a foreigner requires careful preparation. At the first stage, together with the principal's HR department, we analyze hiring needs for specific positions. The requirements for the candidate are determined and the personnel needs for specific departments of the company are specified.

Recruitment and Selection: Sourcing Suitable Candidates from Foreign Workers

After specifying the needs, the agency starts the process of recruiting employees. Available IT tools, knowledge of the labor market especially in eastern Europe and Asia, and an extensive database of potential candidates make the recruitment process efficient, timely and mutually beneficial.

Administrative support and paperwork: Assistance with employment procedures

Confusing regulations and administrative formalities prevent many companies from hiring a foreigner quickly and efficiently. Agency for foreigners Amer International comprehensively handles all the necessary documents that are required to legally employ a foreigner. This type of support is a huge relief for HR departments, which, especially in large companies, are sometimes overloaded. By outsourcing the employment to our agency, you shouldn't have to worry about any formal matters, and HR staff can initiate new projects in the organization instead of spending time dealing with formalities.

What benefits do we offer employees and employers?

Collaboration with an employment agency for foreigners brings many benefits for both the employee and the employer. It is a kind of symbiosis, thanks to which both companies struggling with staffing shortages and employees who are looking for a better future for themselves benefit.

Benefits for employees:

  • Ability to find suitable employment in Poland

A foreigner in Poland not infrequently feels lost, and attempts to get a job turn out to be a failure, as the offer was not properly matched to the candidate's profile. Agency for foreigners gives guarantee of finding the right position in the right industry in accordance with the candidate's skills. Thanks to us, many people have already found work in Poland. It is worth noting that in addition to the work permit, the foreigner receives free accommodation, the necessary residence cards and full support in the process of adaptation in the new environment.

  • Access to a variety of job opportunities in various industries

Collaboration with Amer International agency means constant access to a variety of job offers in various sectors and positions. A candidate's profile in the database allows you to be automatically linked to a job offer giving you the opportunity to try your hand at different areas.

  • Legal employment and assistance with the residency legalization process

One of the biggest benefits of working with an employment agency for foreigners is the guarantee of legal residence in Poland (obtaining a residence card) and legal employment, and consequently adequate health insurance or other social benefits. This is an excellent start for those considering permanent economic migration.

  • Possibility to grow professionally and learn new skills

Finally, it is worth mentioning the opportunity for professional development for foreigners. There is often a myth in our society that an immigrant from Georgia or Moldova is a seasonal construction worker with no ambitions or prospects. This is a very misleading and hurtful statement. Among foreigners there are a whole lot of people with ambitions and motivation to further their professional development and expand their competencies. The employment agency for foreigners supports them in this area, so that a large number of them are successively climbing the career ladder, and the ability to work in another country for many of them is precisely the key to further development.

Benefits for employers:

Working with an agency that employs foreigners also means a number of benefits for employers.

  • Completing staffing gaps in companies

First and foremost, of course, is covering staffing shortages especially during the seasonal months, which are crucial for many industries in Poland and generate the highest profits. Working in Poland for foreigners and meeting the needs of the company in this area is the most important benefit of mutual cooperation.

  • Access to skilled workers from Ukraine, Belarus and other Eastern European countries

Work for foreigners in Poland entirely organized by an employment agency gives access to well-qualified personnel from Eastern Europe. Due to the sizable fluctuation of Polish personnel, it secures many industries in construction, electronics, transportation or IT specialists while allowing to optimize company costs.

  • Support in the recruitment and selection process of employees

A major advantage of working with Amer International's staffing agency is supporting the entire recruitment and selection process, which can be extremely time-consuming and complicated. Thanks to the agency's involvement, HR employees have the opportunity to redirect their attention to other important projects in the organization.

  • Reduce HR and administrative costs

Finally, it is worth mentioning costs. An employment agency shoulders the entire personnel and administrative handling, thus freeing up human resources in HR departments. In the long run, the costs associated with the entire recruitment process and HR and payroll services are significantly reduced, which directly affects the financial health of the company.

Amer International - your support in filling personnel gaps on the Polish labor market

So, if your company is facing a staffing shortage and you want to have a guarantee of hiring the right people for the right positions - take a look at our offer! We help foreigners get legal work in Poland, and we guarantee your company to cover personnel white spots. Individual approach, the highest quality of services provided, comprehensive service and a team of experienced advisors are just some of our advantages.

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