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Workers from Ukraine - why is it worth it?

Amer International has been supporting the hiring of employees from Ukraine for many years now. The proximity of our two countries, similar work culture and ease in learning the language mean that a Ukrainian employee will often do a better job than a Pole.

Ukrainians are highly educated, as evidenced by the renowned universities and technical colleges with which Ukraine definitely stands out from other countries, especially from the former Eastern Bloc.

They are a committed nation, punctual and approach their professional duties with incredible meticulousness. Workers from Ukraine have skills in construction, warehouse handling, industry or agriculture.

Offer of services in recruitment of workers from Ukraine

We offer our clients support in finding and hiring an employee from Ukraine on a permanent basis, as well as provide employee leasing services. Leasing employees from Ukraine is a particularly advantageous option for typically seasonal industries (such as the construction industry), where the demand strongly increases several months a year.

It is worth noting here that construction workers from Ukraine are not only a group of blue-collar workers, but also people educated in this field and with knowledge of building, construction or exterior wall insulation.

Workers from Ukraine in the service sector are very popular among Amer International's clients. This is an area of the economy where the dominant role is played by women, of whom there are many in Poland at the moment due to the war. In sales, medical care or the cosmetics industry, workers and female employees from Ukraine do well.

Our agency will help perfectly match the candidate to the position taking into account their hard and soft competencies, as well as their skills and work experience. Other industries are also eager to use the services of our agency. Particularly noteworthy here are seasonal workers from Ukraine, whose demand is increasing in various industries at the launch of new projects, the start of investments, etc.

A great example is the automotive industry. Hiring workers from Ukraine for the indicated period of time allows you to cover staff shortages without exceeding the budget allocated for this purpose.

Our specialty - Employees from Ukraine in Silesia

A region particularly attractive for workers from Ukraine is Silesia. The multitude of large manufacturing plants and investments taking place in Silesia provide a wide range of job choices and professional development.

Particularly noteworthy is the Katowice Economic Zone, which offers a variety of employment offers, rich training packages and many opportunities to broaden one's professional horizons.

Job Agency Amer International has been successfully supporting Silesia in covering staffing gaps for years. This is evidenced by the satisfaction of our clients and many positive references and recommendations.

Many of the companies to whom we have provided employees have established permanent cooperation with them and systematically support and invest financial resources in the development of their staff.

The process of recruiting employees from Ukraine

Recruitment and formalities

Searching for, recruiting employees from Ukraine and hiring them is quite a challenge. Due to the fact that Ukraine is not a member of the EU, any citizen of this country wishing to take up employment in Poland (even seasonally) must obtain not only a residence permit, but also a work permit.

Amer International Agency takes all these formalities off the shoulders of the HR departments of companies seeking labor.

Professional job placement

We are an example of professional job placement. We have many years of experience behind us, and every person we recruit and hire meets all the regulations required by law. Legality and transparency of employment has been our motto for many years.

Legality and formalities of hiring employees from Ukraine

There are a lot of formalities involved in hiring employees from Ukraine and knowledge of labor laws is necessary.

Legality of employment is always in the interest of both parties, and our agency makes every effort to make the process as smooth as possible.

We also offer employees support related to their stay in our country (e.g. assistance in finding an apartment).

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do I hire employees from Ukraine?

Amer International can help you hire employees from Ukraine by providing comprehensive recruitment, arranging legal residency in Poland and obtaining work permits.

What are the benefits of hiring employees from Ukraine?

Hiring workers from Ukraine can benefit you in terms of diversity of skills, competitive labor costs and filling staffing gaps.

What are the costs of hiring workers from Ukraine?

The cost of hiring Ukrainian workers depends on a number of factors, but is often competitive with local workers.

Is it legal to hire workers from Ukraine?

Yes, hiring Ukrainian workers in Poland is legal, subject to compliance with relevant labor and immigration laws and requirements.

What skills and qualifications do workers from Ukraine have?

Employees from Ukraine have a variety of skills and qualifications, including experience in various industries, which can be tailored to meet client needs.

Are Ukrainian employees well integrated in Polish companies?

Yes, many Ukrainian employees integrate well into Polish companies, and Amer International helps find the right candidates who fit the job and work environment.

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